How to Access the Cord Blood Industry Report

The Cord Blood Industry Report is being sold in the format of access to a secure website.  Purchasers will receive a License to access the report website and can set up multiple User accounts. Report Users will be able to log in and access the report from anywhere they have an internet connection - from an office desktop, from a home laptop, from a tablet while waiting in an airport terminal, from a smartphone during a business meeting, and so forth.

There are two pieces to the access: the License holder and the User.  The organization that purchases the report receives a License. Under that License, each individual person who wishes to access the website sets up a User account with a login name (their Email) and a password. Both the License holders and the Users are bound by the Terms of Use.

We offer license options with 3, 5, or 10 Users. The License holder can give the User accounts to anyone they wish - the Users can work for any organization and be located anywhere in the world. Organizations can pay more for a License that covers more Users, at a lower cost per User. If two organizations are partners they may choose to have one of them purchase the report and assign Users in both organizations. We do not police who receives the User accounts. We simply limit the number of Users under a License and we enforce the Terms of Use.

The Licenses and User accounts to this report are open-ended and will not expire. The Terms of Use prohibit Users from publishing a cord blood industry report within 18 months of subscribing to this one. Whenever we publish our second industry report, access to the second report will require the purchase of a new License, but the first report will remain on-line and its User accounts will still be operational.

We are offering two substantial discounts to this report, and they are available in combination.

Participants who contributed data to this report are eligible for a 20% Participant discount. The Participant discount takes 20% off the full price of the License, regardless of whether it is a standard License or a bigger one. Any cord blood bank that cooperated with our survey is a Participant, so in practice the majority of family cord blood banks around the world are eligible for this discount.

Donors to the Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation are also eligible for a 20% Donor discount.  We wish to build a sense of community with our supporters, and one way of thanking them is giving discounts on our publications. The Donor discount takes 20% off the full price of the License, regardless of whether it is a standard License or a bigger one. Anyone who is both a Participant and a Donor receives a 40% discount.

To apply for the Participant and/or Donor discounts, click those options in the shopping cart.

If you have any questions or concerns about purchasing the report, please write to us at